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Acura RL  (2005-2009)


Centric Premium rotors are identical in dimensions to the factory originals.  During assembly, rotors are straddle cut for the most accurate machining, then double disc ground for optimum parallelism, minimal runout, and near zero thickness variation.  A non-directional finish is applied for better initial pad bedding.  All surfaces, including the hat, are machined and non-swept surfaces are electrostatically coated with a durable, black finish for corrosion protection and good looks.  Finally, rotors are computer mill balanced to incredibly tight tolerances.  You won't find better replacement rotors anywhere.  Click here for video with more product details. 

Centric Premium High Carbon rotors utilize an advanced metallurgy that reduces pad squeal. The proprietary Molybdenum and Chromium alloy resists rotor cracking during heavy track use and increases the friction level, improving brake performance and stopping power. Increased Chromium and Carbon content is also more resistant to surface oxidation.  For some applications, directional internal cooling vanes are used for improved cooling over the straight-vane factory rotors.

StopTech Sport rotors offer the advantages of Centric Premium High Carbon rotors, with the addition of slotting and/or drilling for higher bite and friction and more consistent brake pad performance over the pad lifetime.

How to choose between them?  Slotted rotors provide additional bite and maintain consistent friction level over the life of your pads.  These are ideal for aggressive street and even road racing applications.  Slotted and drilled rotors offer even more bite and stunning looks, but should be used on the street and not for racing.  If you want slotted or slotted and drilled rotors and there is no pricing listed below, send an inquiry to orders@zeckhausen.com and we can let you know if they are available.  Or check our on-line store, which has many more vehicle listings:  STORE

Make sure you install your rotors properly.  See: How to Properly Install Plain, Slotted or Drilled Rotors

(Centric Parts is the parent company of StopTech .  StopTech rotors start as Centric High Carbon blanks and are machined in the USA on computer-controlled milling machines.)

To obtain information about any rotor, click on the part number (if a link is present) for details, including rotor drawings, replacement thickness, critical dimensions, and weight.

To order, click here: and locate your vehicle brand along the left side of the store page.  Or call us Monday - Friday at (800)222-8893 x1 for help selecting the proper parts.

2005-2009 Acura RL

Centric Premium Rotors

Front 319mm x 28mm 1-piece vented rotors

Rear 310mm x 16mm 1-piece vented rotors

$89 Each

$58 Each



StopTech Sport Slotted Rotors

Front 319mm x 28mm 1-piece vented rotors

Rear 310mm x 16mm 1-piece vented rotors

$109 Each

$85 Each





StopTech Sport Slotted & Drilled Rotors

Front 319mm x 28mm 1-piece vented rotors

Rear 310mm x 16mm 1-piece vented rotors

$127 Each

$101 Each






High-Performance Brake Pads

Instructions for bedding in new brake pads

To order pads, click here: and then locate your vehicle along the left side of the on-line store page.  Or, feel free to call us at (800)222-8893 x1 for help selecting the proper parts. 

(Click here to order brake fluid!)

Centric Posi Quiet Semi-Metallic pads offer a high friction level across a wide temperature range. Very low dust, low noise w/OE designed composite shims to reduce pad vibration and squeal.  Easy on rotors.  Better performance than typical low-dust pads.  Give up the dust without giving up the performance.



Centric Posi Quiet Ceramic pads offer extremely long pad life and very low dust, keeping wheels cleaner than most other pads.  Quiet and rotor friendly.  Excellent friction level for improved pedal feel, making it an appropriate choice for performance cars.  Composite shims on every pad help prevent low-speed brake squeal.  Stop washing brake dust off your wheels every few days!



C-Tek Metallic street pads are ultra-low dust, low noise (when bedded properly), and long lasting.  These Canadian manufactured pads are available for an extremely wide variety of applications.  An excellent replacement pad for cars whose original pads produce too much brake dust.   Not for track use.






Performance, All-Season, and Winter Tires

Besides brakes, tires are the most important component in determining stopping distance.  It's literally where the rubber meets the road.  Selecting the right tire for your driving conditions can make a tremendous difference.  For example, if you live in Florida or southern California and are driving on all-season tires, you are leaving huge performance gains on the table!  A good set of summer-only performance tires can literally transform the handling and braking capabilities of your car.  In fact, if your goal is to minimize stopping distance, you're better off going to Tire Rack's web site and buying tires first, before spending any money here on better brakes!

For the best selection and prices, we recommend Tire Rack.  From Maximum Performance tires to All Season tires to Snow Tires, Tire Rack has it all.  Tire Rack also offers wheel and tire packages and can even tell you which wheels will clear your StopTech big brake upgrade.  Click the Tire Rack icon below for your best deal on wheels and tires. 

For wheel fitment information for cars equipped with StopTech or other big brake kits, contact Luke Pavlick at (888)541-1777 x362.

Tire Rack- Revolutionizing Tire Buying

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