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Brake Pads, Rotors, Accessories, Rebuild Kits, Tools

Aftermarket brake pads and rotors that fit Brembo Gran Turismo (GT) big brake kits are available from Zeckhausen Racing.  We also carry caliper rebuild parts, accessories and tools that are compatible with most Brembo big brake kits.

Brake Pads


Titanium Backing Plates

Caliper Rebuild Parts




Brake Pads for Brembo GT big brake kit calipers

Click your caliper below to purchase compatible aftermarket pads:


GT1/F40/F50 4-piston




Brembo Pad 07.4865.80

FMSI pad shape D810

GT2 4-piston



Brembo Pad 107.5146.31

FMSI pad shape D592/D1053

GT3/Lotus 4-piston

Rear GT Kit# 2CX.XXXX

Brembo Pad 107.5146.31

FMSI pad shape D592/D1053

GT6 6-piston


58mm Radial Pad Depth (Height)

Brembo Pad 07.9551.13

GT8 8-piston


4 Pads per Caliper

Brembo Pad 07.9312.44

FMSI pad shape D1029

Monobloc 4-piston

Rear GT Kit# 2PX.XXXX

Brembo Pad 07.4865.80

FMSI pad shape D810

Monobloc 6-piston


49mm Radial Pad Depth (Height)

Brembo Pad XA5.71.M2

Monobloc 6-piston


58mm Radial Pad Depth (Height)

Brembo Pad 07.9551.13


Rear GT Kit# 2EX.XXXX

Brembo Pad 07.5505.91

FMSI pad shape D961


E Family 4-piston

Type 1 Subaru


Brembo Pad 107.8365.21

FMSI pad shape D1001

E Family 4-piston

Type 2 Ford Mustang


Brembo Pad 107.6953.12

FMSI pad shape D592/D1053


StopTech AeroRotors for Big Brake Kits (Made in USA!)

Why pay nearly twice as much for replacement rotors and hardware?  According to StopTech, their patented AeroRotor vane design flows more air and cools better than any other vented rotor.  Benefits include longer rotor and pad life and improved resistance to fade.  If your big brake kit rotors wear out or crack, upgrade to StopTech AeroRotors.  We suggest slotted rotors for the track and either drilled or slotted rotors for the street.

Each rotor includes a hat installation kit with replacement drive pins, screws, anti-rattle washers, Loctite 290 thread locking compound, and an instruction sheet.  More comprehensive instructions with photos may be found here: Instructions for installing StopTech AeroRotors

StopTech AeroRotors are 100% made in the USA, with casting and machining done in California. The manufacturing facility is equipped with state-of-the-art Doosan vertical turning centers, Doosan 3-axis CNC mill and Balance Technologies rotor balancing machines.

To ensure proper fitment to your application, please refer to AeroRotor Technical Specifications.  Most 355x32mm and 380x32mm StopTech AeroRotors are a direct fit to Brembo big brake kits.  Check with us before ordering other sizes.

Listed prices are per rotor.  Left and right rotors required.  (Includes mounting hardware)

Slotted (Left / Right)

328mm x 28mm

332mm x 32mm

345mm x 28mm

355mm x 32mm

380mm x 32mm













Drilled (Left / Right)

328mm x 28mm

332mm x 32mm

345mm x 28mm

355mm x 32mm

380mm x 32mm













Titanium Backing Plates (Set of 4)

Racers with competition tires and heavy, powerful cars, may experience fluid fade and destruction of dust boots, even after the installation of a big brake kit.  In order to control the transfer of heat, some race pads use special materials which act as insulators between the pad friction material and the backing plate. 

These titanium inserts, placed between the pad and the caliper, dramatically reduce heat transfer, preventing dust boots from vaporizing and reducing the temperature of the brake fluid.  They are especially effective when the pads have worn by 50 percent or more, since worn pads no longer provide as much thermal insulation between the rotor and the caliper.

Titanium plates for GT1/F40/F50 and 4-piston monobloc



Titanium plates for GT2, GT3, Lotus



Titanium plates for E-Family Type 1 (Subaru)






Caliper Rebuild Parts by StopTech

For street applications, most calipers will never have to be rebuilt for the life of the vehicle.  However, under track use, dust boots and pressure seals may eventually become brittle and crack.  This can result in brake fluid weeping past pressure seals or even loss of brake pressure.  For this reason, it is suggested that club racers rebuild their calipers at the end of each racing season.  Some professional race teams replace caliper seals after every race.  For most customers, only pressure seals and dust boots will be required.  However, under severe racing conditions, especially if race pads have been worn to the steel backing plates, there may be distortion or cracking of the pistons.  If any cracks or distortion are observed, you should replace the pistons.  Calipers on race cars should be inspected regularly and components replaced as necessary.

Warning:  Pressure seals and dust boots are not returnable if the wrong sizes are ordered.  Please measure caliper piston diameters before ordering.

Dust Boot & Pressure Seal Kit

Each kit includes two dust boots and two pressure seals.  Order one kit per 2-piston caliper, two kits per 4-piston caliper, 3 kits per 6-piston caliper, and 4 kits per 8-piston caliper.

For a Brembo F50 4-piston caliper with 40 and 44mm pistons, you should order one each of part numbers 143.99040 and 143.99044 to rebuild one caliper.

Save $5 per rebuild kit, over the cost of purchasing individual parts.  Save $40 total when rebuilding four 4-piston calipers!

$35 each

26mm = 143.99026K

28mm = 143.99028K

30mm = 143.99030K

32mm = 143.99032K

34mm = 143.99034K

36mm = 143.99036K

38mm = 143.99038K

40mm = 143.99040K

42mm = 143.99042K

44mm = 143.99044K

46mm = 143.99046K

Individual Pressure Seals

$10 each

26mm = 753.99018

28mm = 753.99000

30mm = 753.99001

32mm = 753.23411

34mm = 753.24471

36mm = 753.99003

38mm = 753.99004

40mm = 753.99005

42mm = 753.99006

44mm = 753.99007

46mm = 753.23360

Individual Dust Boots

$10 each

26mm = 750.99016

28mm = 750.99000

30mm = 753.99001

32mm = 750.99012

34mm = 750.99002

36mm = 750.99003

38mm = 750.99004

40mm = 750.99005

42mm = 750.99006

44mm = 750.99007

46mm = 750.99018

Caliper Pad & Piston Spreading Tool

Save time and protect your caliper from cocked pistons when changing pads with this unique tool.  A must for anyone who changes pads with regularity.  Works with most 2, 4, 6, and 8-piston calipers.  I have one of these amazing tools in my own shop and was recently timed at less than one minute to change the pads on a Porsche 993 TT caliper.  (The wheel was already removed.)  This is my new favorite tool.

  GiroDisc Pad & Piston Spreader

  Click here for details and more photos


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