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Why Upgrade your Brakes?

Big brake upgrades give your car greater resistance to fade by absorbing and shedding heat more efficiently.  Stock brakes were designed for one or two stops from high speed, not repeated heavy braking events with limited time to cool off.  For fade resistance on the track, size really does matter.  On the street, fixed-mount, multi-piston calipers yield a firmer pedal and quicker reaction time in panic stops than stock, floating calipers.  A mere 0.2 second reaction time improvement can translate into 21 feet of stopping distance at 70 mph.  On the street, quicker reaction time can help you avoid an accident.  You don't need to be a racer to benefit from brake upgrades.

If you track your car regularly, your stock brakes probably are not up to the task.  The correct approach is to start with better brake fluid, more aggressive brake pads, cooling ducts, and stainless braided brake lines, addressing problems as they arise.  But as you progress from novice to intermediate to advanced, carrying more speed into the braking zones, your track events will be characterized by boiling brake fluid, sinking brake pedal, and pad fade.  Losing confidence in your brakes makes you slower and takes the fun out of a track event.  Big brake upgrades allow you to dive deeper into the braking zones and brake harder than you ever thought possible.  Even more than horsepower, brake upgrades allow you to gobble up the distance between you and the cars ahead of you.

Zeckhausen Racing can help you choose the most cost-effective way to improve your brakes.


Big Brake Kits

StopTech big brake kits are designed for each vehicle with optimum front-to-rear brake torque balance, resulting in the shortest possible stopping distance of any aftermarket brake upgrade and total compatibility with ABS and electronic stability control.  Fixed-mount, multi-piston calipers produce a firmer pedal feel and quicker reaction time than stock brakes in panic stops.  Every StopTech application is track tested and fine-tuned as part of the development process.  StopTech is the only major big brake kit manufacturer to use application-specific caliper piston sizing.  See: Track testing write-up

StopTech big brake kits are available with red or black calipers standard.  Silver, gold, blue or yellow calipers are available at no additional cost and add about 30 days to the delivery date.  Slotted or drilled rotors are available.  Drilled rotors are recommended for the street, while slotted rotors may be used for street or racing.  For vehicles driven where salt or chemicals are used to melt snow and ice, optional zinc plated rotors are recommended.  Add $100 to the price of any kit for zinc plating.

StopTech's ultra-high end Trophy Sport and Trophy Race brake systems are now available.  20% lighter calipers and extreme heat resistant natural anodized finish for heavy racing applications.  Click here for our Trophy brakes announcement in our latest magazine ad.

Will your wheels clear a StopTech big brake kit?  Click here for a comprehensive set of wheel fitment templates and instructions for using them.

Click Here for Replacement parts for your StopTech big brake kit

To purchase a StopTech brake kit on-line, click here: and enter the part number into the Product Finder, or simply click on your make, model, and year car for a complete listing.  Or feel free to call us at (800)222-8893 x1 for help selecting the proper big brake kit for your needs.

Front 14" brake kit with 4-piston calipers and floating 355mm x 32mm rotors, includes hub with ABS ring.  Customer must specify 12mm or 14mm studs.

Vehicles manufactured 1997-3/18/2002

$2695 83-320-4700


Performance, All-Season, and Winter Tires

Besides brakes, tires are the most important component in determining stopping distance.  It's literally where the rubber meets the road.  Selecting the right tire for your driving conditions can make a tremendous difference.  For example, if you live in Florida or southern California and are driving on all-season tires, you are leaving huge performance gains on the table!  A good set of summer-only performance tires can literally transform the handling and braking capabilities of your car.  In fact, if your goal is to minimize stopping distance, you're better off going to Tire Rack's web site and buying tires first, before spending any money here on better brakes!

For the best selection and prices, we recommend Tire Rack.  From Maximum Performance tires to All Season tires to Snow Tires, Tire Rack has it all.  Tire Rack also offers wheel and tire packages and can even tell you which wheels will clear your StopTech big brake upgrade.  Click the Tire Rack icon below for your best deal on wheels and tires. 

For wheel fitment information for cars equipped with StopTech or other big brake kits, contact Luke Pavlick at (888)541-1777 x362.

Tire Rack- Revolutionizing Tire Buying

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