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Friction Seminar Agenda

July 10, 2004



The scope of this friction seminar is to provide a professional level of knowledge for both racing and high performance street friction materials.  We will cover some basics for beginners.  These basics are required to get all attendees on the same page.  However, we will quickly move ahead into race (60%) and street (40%) in-depth discussions.  Handouts will be provided to help attendees gain as much as possible from the 6 hours of presentation and two hours of Q&A.  Detailed vehicle and dynamometer testing featuring comparative analysis of various materials will also be reviewed.  Top materials in the field will be discussed.  Relative strengths and weaknesses of materials will be reviewed including speed sensitivity, load sensitivity, fade modes, in stop friction behavior, initial bite, lap after lap degradation, swell, growth, wear, spider diagrams of comparisons using 12 different critical parameters in the visual and mapping to illustrate the extreme non-linearity of the materials will all be covered.  Vehicle testing will be compared to dyno results to illustrate how dyno only thinking can lead to unhappy customers.  Critical questions to help sort out the customersí expectations will be reviewed.  Raw materials and their impact on performance will also be covered.  A quiz will also be conducted to assess how attendees learned during the day. A presenter survey evaluation form (similar to SAE) will be distributed to all those who attended.


PowerPoint will be used combined with handouts.  The complete presentation will be printed, along with additional information to help attendees learn as much as possible in the limited time.  A video of track testing featuring five different friction materials will also be used.


  1. Learn how friction varies and why this is important to satisfying customers.

  2. See the drastic differences in materials.

  3. Understand that friction companies may or may not have the best materials for the customerís usage.

  4. Avoid making inappropriate recommendations to a customer.

The Presenter:

Rob Nelson has worked in the brake industry for 35 years.  He holds both a BS in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA.  He opened offices in Tokyo, Munich, UK, Detroit and other markets to serve the brake industry.   He has helped several top companies expand their brake businesses.  Rob has worked in aircraft, motorsports, OEM, motorcycle, fleet, and aftermarket braking.

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