Wheel fitment template


The template above will help you determine if your wheels will clear a Brembo big brake system.  Next to each Brembo kit description is a set of three measurements labeled A, B, and C.  These are used on the correspondingly labeled locations of the template.  Brembo's official recommendation is that you allow 3mm of clearance between the caliper and the back of the spoke or the barrel of the wheel.

  1. With a straight edge, measure from the middle of the wheel center-bore out to the B radius.  This is the location of the bottom of the caliper.

  2. Measure down from the straight edge to the back of the wheel spoke to make sure this distance is greater than the kit's A dimension.

  3. Repeat these two steps for caliper clearance all the way to the top of the caliper, indicated by the C radius.  If your wheel's spokes have a complex design, you may wish to take additional measurements between the B and C distances from the hub.

These numbers are only an approximate guide.  If the measurements indicate that the brakes will be a close fit, it's recommended that you contact Zeckhausen Racing to see if this wheel is known to fit.