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Volvo S60R  (2003-2006)



High Performance and Competition Brake Pads

Instructions for bedding in new brake pads

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StopTech Street Performance brake pads offer an unusual combination of good bite, low noise, and extremely wide temperature range, making them ideal as "dual use" street to medium track pads. Included with StopTech big brake kits and available for most OEM calipers.  Zeckhausen Racing's preferred high performance street pads for aggressive drivers.





Axxis ULT street pads pads (formerly called Axxis Ultimate) use a Kevlar and ceramic formula for enhanced performance.  They produce maximum friction when cold, yet have tremendous fade resistance up to 932 degrees F. The coefficient of friction is high enough to produce a noticeable reduction in pedal effort. Fine for autocross or your first track event, assuming street tires and a low horsepower car.

Front only



Centric Posi Quiet Semi-Metallic pads offer a high friction level across a wide temperature range. Very low dust, low noise w/OE designed composite shims to reduce pad vibration and squeal.  Easy on rotors.  Better performance than typical low-dust pads.  Give up the dust without giving up the performance.





Centric Posi Quiet Extended Wear pads offer a stable friction level across a wide temperature range. Low dust, long pad & rotor life, low noise, w/OE designed shims to reduce pad vibration and squeal.  Not a track pad.





Hawk HPS high performance street pads have low dust, low noise, and low rotor wear.  Slightly higher in friction level than Hawk Ceramic pads with a similar MOT of around 750 degrees F.  Not recommended for track use, as their friction level falls off rapidly when the MOT is exceeded.





Hawk Performance Ceramic street pads have extremely low dust, low noise, and low rotor wear.  These represent the latest technology in street friction.  Not for track use.





Hawk HP PLUS high performance street pads have moderate dust, moderate rotor wear, very high initial bite and a Maximum Operating Temperature (MOT) slightly higher than Hawk HPS.  They tend to be noisy, often squealing under light braking, although proper bedding can help.  Ideal for autocross and may be used for track days on lower horsepower cars.  Not recommended for heavy track use, as friction level falls off rapidly when MOT is exceeded.





Hawk HT-10 Race pads have good modulation and release characteristics, making them ideal for the "weekend warrior."  Moderate rotor wear, moderate dust, a stable torque curve, above average bite, and a MOT of 1,400 degrees F.  Recommended for the front of front-engine cars for casual track use, as well as for the rear of club race and professional race cars.





Hawk DTC-70 is the most serious member of the "Dynamic Torque Control" race pad family, with an average level of friction among the highest available and an incredibly linear pressure to torque relationship. The result gives the driver an unparalleled ability to modulate brake torque at the limit of tire adhesion, while keeping pedal effort low.  Relatively low rotor and pad wear for such an aggressive pad.





Ferodo DS2500 Club Race pads can be used on the street and for light to medium track duty.  Good cold bite, but can be noisy.  Proper bedding can help reduce this noise.  Less compressible than other pads, giving it excellent pedal feel and good modulation.  The average friction level of about 0.50 remains constant at any speed and at temperatures up to 1,000 degrees F, after which it falls off slowly.  Frequently used in the rear in conjunction with Ferodo DS3000 in front.





PFC 97 Race pads have medium to high average torque output, a very flat torque output over its operating temperature range and a MOT of 2000F.  Exceptionally low pad and rotor wear and excellent modulation and release characteristics.  Popular for the front of front engine cars driven at lapping and open track days.  Often used on the rear of club and pro-level race cars with PFC 01 in front.






Titanium Backing Plates

Drivers with competition tires and heavy, powerful cars can experience fluid fade and destruction of caliper dust boots and piston seals, even after the installation of a big brake kit.  These titanium inserts are installed behind the pads, dramatically reducing heat transfer to the calipers.  This helps prevent dust boots from vaporizing and reduces the temperature of the brake fluid.  They are especially effective when the pads have worn by 50 percent or more, since worn pads provide less thermal insulation between the rotors and calipers.

Set of four 1 mm thick plates for stock calipers








Performance, All-Season, and Winter Tires

Besides brakes, tires are the most important component in determining stopping distance.  It's literally where the rubber meets the road.  Selecting the right tire for your driving conditions can make a tremendous difference.  For example, if you live in Florida or southern California and are driving on all-season tires, you are leaving huge performance gains on the table!  A good set of summer-only performance tires can literally transform the handling and braking capabilities of your car.  In fact, if your goal is to minimize stopping distance, you're better off going to Tire Rack's web site and buying tires first, before spending any money here on better brakes!

For the best selection and prices, we recommend Tire Rack.  From Maximum Performance tires to All Season tires to Snow Tires, Tire Rack has it all.  Tire Rack also offers wheel and tire packages and can even tell you which wheels will clear your StopTech big brake upgrade.  Click the Tire Rack icon below for your best deal on wheels and tires. 

For wheel fitment information for cars equipped with StopTech or other big brake kits, contact Luke Pavlick at (888)541-1777 x362.

Tire Rack- Revolutionizing Tire Buying

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