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ATE TYP 200 brake fluid -  536 F dry, 388 F wet boiling point (1 liter) - Click for Super Blue Racing Fluid

ATE TYPE 200 brake fluid is designed to meet the demands of street and race vehicles and exceeds DOT4 standards. Compatible and may be mixed with most DOT3, DOT4 or DOT 5.1 fluids.

TYP 200 achieves a minimal drop in boiling point, due to outstanding water binding properties, resulting in a long-lasting fluid that may not need to be changed for up to 3 years, under normal street driving conditions. Products with lower "wet" boiling points must be replaced more often.

  • Dry Boiling point minimum: 536 degrees F
  • Wet boiling point minimum: 388 degrees F
  • Designed to last up to 3 years under normal highway driving conditions

To maintain the functional reliability of brake systems, brake fluid must be changed according to the specifications of the vehicle manufacturer (quality and change interval). In race/track applications, it is critical that brake fluid be routinely changed, to maintain optimum performance.

ATE Super Blue Racing brake fluid is identical in performance to ATE TYP 200, but with the addition of a blue dye to assist in complete flushing. However, it became a violation of federal law to sell ATE Super Blue Racing in the USA, beginning June 2013, since it does not meet FMVSS requirements on a technicality. The color is blue! Click here to see the recall letter from the importer. Any Super Blue Racing fluid still for sale in the USA may be past its optimum shelf life and should be avoided.

Manufacturer # 706202  Product # ZEC50020002